Elias Merhige

Elias Merhige / Elias is a survivor. He elevates the art of telling stories and living life.
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Elias’ first feature, Begotten, caught the attention of James Cameron. From there his critically acclaimed film Shadow of the Vampire garnered two Academy Award nominations and one Golden Globe nomination. THAT film caught the attention of Tom Cruise. Their collaboration produced Suspect Zero. He then wrote and directed Din of Celestial Birds. He also had widespread success in commercial directing, working on the Emmy Award-winning “Be More” campaign, written by Fallon Worldwide for PBS; as well as campaigns for Live Earth/Al Gore, Genworth Financial, Nike Basketball, McDonalds/UEFA, Ubisoft, Harley Davidson, Toyota, Archer, Bank of America, NASCAR, Folgers, JCPenney, Raymond James, Verizon, Disney, Fiat and JBL. Then BAM. In the middle of a spectacular career, he was stopped in his tracks by an enlarged spleen. The process was tough. Elias’ brother ended up giving him a life-saving living-donor liver transplant. Most production companies would have deemed him damaged goods. Not Independent Media. A good director is a good director. Most recently, Merhige finished the film Polia and Blastema and has two films in development: It Was Cruel and Games They Play.

  • Features

    Games They Play
    It Was Cruel
    Shadow of the Vampire
    Suspect Zero
    Din of Celestial Birds

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    Academy Award Nominee
    Cannes Film Festival Nominee
    Chicago Film Critics Award Nominee
    Golden Globe Nominee
    Independent Spirit Award
    Telluride Film Festival
    SAG Award Nominee