Mauro Fiore

Mauro Fiore / Mauro is the only cinematographer on google maps.
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He has a street in Italy named after him. Ask him about it. An Oscar sits atop Mauro Fiore’s mantle. His cinematography caught the eye of James Cameron who then asked him to photograph the 3D epic adventure Avatar. Fiore reinvented his approach to cinematography using Cameron’s newly developed 3D camera system and won himself a shiny Academy Award in the process. Other glowing achievements as a cinematographer include Training Day, Southpaw, The Magnificent Seven, Smokin Aces’, Dark Phoenix and The Kingdom. He has also moved into the director’s chair, directing commercials for several FX television shows including Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy. He’s also worked on campaigns for the NFL, Honda, Jafra, and Sonosite.

  • Features

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (DP)
    Mosul (DP)
    The Magnificent Seven (DP)
    Southpaw (DP)
    The Equalizer (DP)
    Runner, Runner (DP)
    Avatar (DP)
    Training Day (DP)
    The Kingdom (DP)
    Smokin’ Aces (DP)

  • Awards / Festivals

    Academy Award Winner
    ASC Award Nominee
    BAFTA Award Nominee
    Chicago Film Critics Association Award Nominee