Sanchez Brothers

Sanchez Brothers / The sanchez brothers Share one brain. (not literally. That would be weird.)
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Born and raised in Montreal (that would be in Canada) the brothers began as photographers. Good ones. Their work hangs in the The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Musee de la Photographie de Charleroi. They also translate their experiences into installations. Google: “Natural Selection”, “Between Life & Death” and “Buried Alive”. They’ve created music videos/installations for Madonna’s tour (if you have ever seen her on tour, it’s an amazing experience), TIESTO, The Stills, The Besnard Lakes, and World Provider. From art to ads, they’ve directed spots for Loto Quebec, Telus, Weight Watchers, Parisienne, Industrial Alliance, and Scotia Bank. Brothers are always close. These two are no exception, but they also think independently.

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    Canada Council for the Arts
    Conseil des arts et des letters du Quebec
    Du Maurier Arts Council Grant