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calling all independent thinkers

We’re here to make for richer, deeper, better production experiences. And no other production company does what we do. We created Independent Media as a departure from the normal way of doing what we do. Look at our directors. All come from film and TV backgrounds. All have touched pop culture through the films they’ve made. All are the very best in their industry. We’re honored to represent each and every one of them and to offer their unique perspectives, experiences and points of view to the ad world. There’s a richer film world, a deeper study of character and a more in depth story awaiting. There’s a partnership here, with each of our artists, that will place you at the white-hot center of pop culture and at the newly-emerging intersection of marketing and entertainment. Independent Media celebrates independent thought and the independent spirit that resides in every person who puts pen to paper and cares about making good stuff for people who care about watching good stuff. We’re here for greatness. For more than fifteen years Independent Media has brought together the very best of advertising and entertainment.

Independent Media
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Adam Shankman
Ben Affleck
Brooke Nipar
Claire Scanlon
David Frankel
David Gelb
Doug Liman
Elias Merhige
Greg Baldi
Greg Daniels
Guillermo Arriaga
Jamie Babbit
Janusz Kaminski
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Jennifer Celotta
Kate Dennis
Lawrence Sher
Matt Reeves
Mauro Fiore
Nancy Meyers
Ned Benson
Paul Lieberstein
Peter Chelsom
Richard LaGravenese
Sanchez Brothers
Sarah Polley
Scott Hornbacher
Simon Crane
Tate Taylor
Tony Goldwyn
Tucker Gates

calling all independent thinkers
independent media